get rewarded for your passion with coinbasis

A Next-Generation Social Media Network powered by the Ethereum Blockchain. Coinbasis connects people from around the globe and allows everybody to benefit. We believe in our mission to give people back their return-on-investment for the time they spend on Social Media.


The value Social Media Companies hold is growing continually due to US, the users, the creators and the curators of content. Since we are willing to spend our creativity, energy and time for free, the only ones benefitting are the owners and shareholders. They get rewarded for our contribution. Shouldn’t a company worth billions return some of the value back to the initial source, the people who have created the value in the first place? Imagine a world, where you receive what you have earned. Imagine getting rewarded for all the hours you put into creating your own content, as well as liking and commenting on other people’s content. Imagine a world in which your lifestyle isn’t simply appreciated through likes, but paid for.

With COINBASIS the idea of a smart contribution-reward-system is no longer an idea, but has turned into reality. At Coinbasis we believe that time is our most valuable asset. At Coinbasis we want you to continue sharing your passion, growing your brand, following other people's lives - and get paid for it. Thanks to blockchain technology, Coinbasis can give people back their freedom, create transparency, speed in transactions and security. The best part: You don’t have to understand the technology in order to benefit from it. Blockchain has never been so easy. Your only investment is the time you put into being active on the COINBASIS App. Coinbasis connects people from around the globe and allows everybody to benefit.


Core values are what support the vision, underline the mission, shape the culture and reflect what the company stands for. They are the essence of the company’s identity the principles, beliefs or philosophy of values. What we gonna provide:

Get rewarded for your content
Discover a new way of economy
Manage your income on the Blockchain
Fair distribution through smart contracts

Idea & Concept

Inspired by the fastest growing Social Media Application and the first Blockchain powered Social Network „Steemit“, the founder-team of digital agency WeCare4U realized the potential in the merge of a Social Media „Influencer“ Application with Blockchain Technology, due to the high demand of network payment.

Team Recruiting

In a conference at the HQ of WeCare4U, the head of design, iOS and Android developer from a neighbor company and smart contract developer joined the team. Shortly after, a cooperation with our blockchain team naturally evolved. In addition, an advisory team was appointed..


Office space was provided by WeCare4U, as the location is convenient and supports the hand-in-hand working atmosphere between the developers, design department and marketing team.

UI/ UX Design

What the user cares about, comes first. The simple, yet elegant design and natural colors of Coinbasis, are sought to reflect the modern approach of our company.

Proof of Concept

The first prototype was developed in Swift and tested by the core team and cooperation partners.

Cooperation Dubai

The UAE is an emerging superpower in the blockchain technology world. For a global start the COINBASIS team appreciates the support from our Dubai Marketing Cooperation.

Blockchain Implementation

The application in its final stage gets connected to its most important feature, the underlying Ethereum Blockchain and prepares for the launch.

Beta Version

A test group is invited to join the iOS and Android COINBASIS Application. All transactions are being tested.

Initial Coin Offering

Invitations for and announcement to a selected audience.

Beta Invitation

Network launch; Launch-events; CB & Influencer Tour